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I’m Mona Ali, your go-to Marriage, Confidence, and Intimacy consultant. With over 16 years of marriage and parenting experience, I navigate the complexities of various relationships, from blending families to embracing both monogamy and polygyny. 

My academic foundation includes a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and I studied for a Masters in Gender Studies at SOAS ensuring a blend of scholarly insight and practical wisdom based on Islamic teachings in my consultations.

Beyond academics, I’ve been a panellist on the morning TV show ‘Women’s AM’ on Islam Channel and volunteered at the Human Rights group Cage, leading the ‘Cage Sisters’ support group. 

I also co-founded a ladies Fitness and Events Company, organizing exclusive ladies-only fitness classes, charity events, and business gatherings alongside Ladies Nights.

Dive into my artistic side – a decade-long career as a Makeup Artist, specializing in Beauty & Bridal Makeup. Check out my own creation, LipsMe Lip Volumising Serum, available at www.lipsme.co.uk

Join me on a journey where expertise meets elegance, creating a space for personal growth, confidence, and celebration of being a multi faceted woman. All praise be to Allah!


One to one consultation £225 (All Women)

BOOK 3 & 6 sessions for

 £499  £675    £999  £1350

Step into personalised one-on-one consultations with Mona Ali focusing on marriage, confidence and intimacy or any topic you would like us to tackle together. The consultations are crafted for individuals navigating diverse relationship dynamics, including marriage and polygyny. This tailored approach focuses on strengthening connections, boosting confidence, and fostering intimacy. Join this transformative experience designed to empower you in building fulfilling and authentic relationships whether married or single. 

One to one Create/Improve your marriage profile (Single women )


Sisters tend to have marriage profiles that don’t truly reflect their unique qualities. Instead, they often mirror what they’ve seen others write, which may not lead to the connections they’re seeking. In this session, we’ll navigate the do’s and don’ts to create a profile that truly shines. This profile will not only attract the right kind of ‘brothers,’ but also ensure you’re noticed for all the right reasons. 

Looks Maxxing Consultation (married/single women)


Discover a customized beauty consultation designed for women whether they are married or single. We celebrate the concept of modesty in public while highlighting your features and enhancing your appeal in private for married and single individuals. Our individual sessions concentrate on maximizing your appearance by incorporating beauty techniques and building confidence while adhering to values. Embrace an experience that acknowledges and respects your qualities revealing your authentic radiance.

How can you improve your Intimate life? (Married women)


Revitalize your marital intimacy with our consultations tailored for married women. Discover expert advice, open dialogues, and personalized approaches to reignite the passion and spice up your shared romantic journey.

4 Week ‘Re-ignite your intimate life’ 7 skills Program (married women)

£699   £900

Embark on a transformative 4-week course designed for married women, focused on rekindling intimacy. Explore and master seven essential intimacy skills through expert guidance, fostering a deeper connection and revitalizing your romantic life.

6 week Increase your marriageability prospects- Mindset, Profile & Looks maxxing (single women) including FREE Aesthetics consultation

£999 £1350

Embark on a captivating 6-week adventure tailored to elevate your partner-finding journey. This transformative experience delves into the intricacies of mindset refinement and crafting an impressive profile. Uncover the principles essential for a fulfilling relationship, while acquiring the skills to authentically showcase your potential, paving the way for a successful and meaningful future connection.

12 week Mindset, confidence & looks Maxxing Program including FREE Aesthetics consultation and FREE fitness & food program (single and married women)

£1999 £2700

Step into a 12-week transformative journey with our Mindset, Confidence & Looks Maxxing Program tailored for both single and married women. This comprehensive program is designed to empower you by enhancing your mindset, boosting confidence, and optimizing your appearance. Join us on a path of self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking your full potential in every aspect of your personal and relational life.  

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